Highway to Hell


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In yet another devastating undercover investigation Mercy For Animals reveals the appalling treatment of animals by the Canadian agriculture industry, this time at the Western Hog Exchange. The conditions for pigs before, during and after transportation to slaughter are indescribable. They go for days without food or water in conditions so crowded they can’t lie down. They have no protection from extreme heat and cold causing many to die en route (after unimaginable suffering). They are handled violently by beating, kicking and electric prod shocking. And note that this undercover video was filmed at a facility that has daily visits from federal inspectors from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. As you will see in the video, the inspectors fail to intervene time and again while pigs are being subject to horrendous abuse.

Even if you don’t watch the video, please sign MFS’s petition, and read the information on their site contrasting European legislation regarding animal transport with the regulatory black hole that is Canada.

You can watch the video here or below but beware that the video shows disturbing and graphic content:

Or you can read the in-depth report here.

Petition: Establish a Rehoming Program for Research Animals at Queen’s


Two weeks ago Queen’s Animal Defence launched a petition calling for a rehoming program for research animals at Queen’s University. The petition has now reached more than a thousand signatures. Many thanks to all of you who have contributed!

But we must continue to spread the word. Please take a moment to sign it (if you have not done so yet) and share it as widely as possible.

Details of our Change.org petition:

Thousands of animals used in biomedical experiments at Queen’s University are routinely killed upon completion of the research. We believe that these animals are entitled to live out their lives in safety and comfort in loving homes or sanctuaries whenever possible. Homes are available, so all that is needed to make a retirement program a reality is the cooperation of the university administration. We, the undersigned, call upon Queen’s University to cooperate with Queen’s Animal Defence, Kingston Animal Rescue and Fauna Sanctuary in establishing a retirement and re-homing program for animals used in research at Queen’s, including monkeys, rats, mice, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other animals.

Always Leave them Laughing

Sam Simon

Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons and an animal rights activist, was diagnosed with terminal cancer two years ago and is on a mission to advocate for and rescue animals with the time he has remaining.

“I’ve got sun bears, moon bears, grizzly bears, Syrian bears, brown bears,” Sam tells me as we approach the Wild Animal Sanctuary a few hours later. “I have 11 bears in Dallas and 23 in Colorado—but they just had six cubs.” There are also two rescued chimps at a sanctuary in Florida, a racehorse in Virginia, and some 500 chinchillas rescued from a chinchilla ranch in California. If all goes well, an elephant will soon join the roster.”

Read the full article here.