Upcoming Talk: “What legal protection animals in science in Canada have?”

Ormandy - What legal protections animals in science have

This week, we are honoured to have at Queen’s University Elisabeth Ormandy, from University of British Columbia, give the talk “What Legal Protection do Animals in Science in Canada Have?”. She is also the Executive Director of the Animals in Science Policy Institute.

Friday February 2, 2018
2:30-4:00 PM
Room 211, Sir John A Macdonald Hall

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Another colossal failure for biomedical research ethics


Sun Qianq and Poo Muming / AP

Monkeys have been successfully cloned by researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Many fear that this could represent the next step towards human cloning. However, while human cloning might be technically closer, there are numerous legal and ethical barriers that stand in the way, given the inevitable suffering and death of research subjects that would be involved in developing the process.  Animal cloning experiments have resulted in appalling harms to mothers who endure repeated forced embryo implantation, abortion, cesarean birth, and death of their infants; and to their babies who die before or shortly after birth due to multiple complications and impairments. Existing laws protecting human research subjects almost certainly prevent this sort of cloning research being done on humans, although explicit bans on human cloning would provide a safer guarantee.

Sadly, it is not criminal to subject monkeys to non-consensual research causing suffering and death, and so this latest cloning research “success”, despite the harms to the monkeys involved, is trumpeted across the world. How do the scientists rationalize their actions?  Continue Reading

Cowspiracy Screening with Free Food and $10

Free food? Getting paid to watch an informative film?

If these two things interest you, join us in The Reflection Room (Kingston Hall, Room 213) on Tuesday, November 21st at 5:00pm for a screening of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret.

The Save Movement has been extremely generous in providing food for the event and are offering each student a payment of $10 for attending and watching the duration of the film.

See the Facebook event.

Come to see us at Kingston VegFest 2017!

Kingston VegFest 2017

Come visit Queen’s Animal Defence’s booth at Kingston’s Second Annual VegFest!

Sat 21 Oct 2017 from 11 to 4
at St. Lawrence College (100 Portsmouth av.)


Kingston VegFest is:

A celebration of the fabulousness of vegan food. Come enjoy cooking demonstrations, a wide range of food vendors, product samples and other delights. Treat your palate to the best that food has to offer.

A celebration of connectedness. Come discover a vibrant and mushrooming community of people on plant-fueled journeys. Expand your awareness of the issues and how our choices impact the planet and our fellow animals. Treat your heart to the best that connectedness has to offer.

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