The Ghosts in Our Machine at Kingston Canadian Film Festival

The animal rights documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine, featuring photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, will be screened at Kingston Canadian Film Festival:

Saturday March 1, 2014 – 4:30pm
The Baby Grand Theatre, 218 Princess St

This film is being co-presented by Kingston Animal Rescue, a registered charity and no-kill rescue – $2 from every ticket will be donated to this charity.

A visually striking and deeply engrossing documentary, THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE charts one person’s efforts to bring wider attention to a topic that most of humankind strives hard to avoid. This is the suffering of the animals that our species variously uses for meat, clothing, product testing and scientific research. Directed by Liz Marshall (WATER ON THE TABLE, KCFF 2010) and shot by a superb team of cinematographers that includes WATERMARK’s Nick de Pencier, the film follows photographer Jo-Anne McArthur as she works to document abuses in farms and facilities in Canada and abroad in images that inevitably generate strong reactions. Along with the thoughtful direction by Marshall and an eerie score by Bob Wiseman, the film’s own visual impact helps transform what could’ve been a straightforward polemic into something more haunting and affecting.

See all the info on the facebook event.

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