QAD profiled in new online magazine Animal Liberation Currents


“But thousands of animals still live out their lives in barren cages in the windowless basement of Botterell Hall, subject to horrific procedures in the name of science, deprived of all that makes life worthwhile, and hidden from public view by a high security apparatus.”

Animal Liberation Currents just released QAD’s profile on their website, highlighting the history of animal activism at Queen’s University and the current work Queen’s Animal Defence is doing.


For 3 years, faculty and students have challenged vivisection at a major biomedical research institution in Ontario. Their struggles highlight the challenges in activism for animals on campus and the greater politics of animal research.

Read the entire piece here.

Legal Personhood for Animals?

Since the recent Manifesto for the Evolution of Animals’ Legal Status in the Civil Code of Quebec (see our post here) that has been supported by more than 29,000 signatures in two weeks only, three philosophers argue that legal personhood, and not the creation of a middle category between things and persons, is the solution for the moral respect of animals. One of the signatories is a member of Queen’s Animal Defence.

Read the article (in French) from Le Devoir.