How to Get Involved

  • Write a letter to Dr. Steven Liss, Queen’s VP Research, expressing your views about research and educational uses of animals at Queen’s. Emphasize the need for transparency, and for the Queen’s community to develop its own proactive policies regarding animal use on campus, rather than hiding behind the meaningless apparatus of the CCAC/UACC. Express your support for the steps proposed by QAD for transitioning towards a non-speciesist research paradigm. Copy your letter to the Queen’s Journal, and share it via QAD’s facebook page.
  • If you are a student, exercise your right to opt-out of animal experiments. Ask why everyone isn’t required to opt out, since alternatives are readily available and have been proven to be pedagogically effective (and indeed superior to animal use).
  •  If you are a researcher, insist on finding alternative methods to conduct science, and demand that the university support your search for alternatives.
  • The Canadian Council on Animal Care claims to act “on behalf of all Canadians”. Write to them to let them know that they do not act on your behalf, and insist that they make public all reports regarding monitoring of university labs, as well as detailed descriptions of the experiments conducted at each institution. Copy this letter to your local paper, or share it online.
  • Write to your Member of Parliament to say that you are opposed to public funds being used for invasive and harmful research on animals. Copy this letter to your local paper, or share it online.
  • If you are a Queen’s student and have dissected or experimented on animals, you can submit an anonymous testimonial detailing your experiences with animals at Queen’s here.
  • Tell your friends about this website, and encourage them to get involved. You can also join our group. Together we can make Queen’s a leader in social justice for animals.