Kingston VegFest, a Smashing Success!

One of our members at our table at Kingston VegFest.

One of our members at our table at Kingston VegFest with some of the flyers and posters we’ve been using over the past few years.

Kingston’s inaugural VegFest was a huge success on Saturday. Congratulations to all of the organizers and participants!

QAD’s table was hopping with visitors from 11:00 to 5:00. Some were new to our efforts on behalf of animals at Queen’s; others dropped by just to let us know that they follow our activities via the website and Facebook page and to express appreciation for our work. Thank you to everyone who stopped to chat about their experiences in life science studies, their deep concern for animals confined to labs, and their desire to make a difference.

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Montreal’s breed specific legislation is bad for dogs & bad for humans

Credit: via Wiki Commons

Credit: via Wiki Commons

Josh Milburn, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Philosophy and a member of Queen’s Animal Defence, has just published a piece in the Queen’s Journal about Montreal’s breed specific legislation.


To make matters worse, the stigma that BSL creates around certain breeds ends up attached to safe dogs and responsible owners. On the other hand, irresponsible owners, including those who want to have a dangerous dog, can simply acquire a dog of a different breed.

Once legislatures and the general public, especially children, understand that all dogs – like most animals – can be dangerous if treated inappropriately, we can move towards a society in which dogs and humans can have loving and respectful relationships with one another, with fear of neither attack nor legislation targeting peaceful animals.

Read the entire piece here.

First Kingston VegFest!


The first VegFest in Kingston is coming this weekend, Saturday October 22, 11:00 – 5:00, at St Lawrence College, with talks, demos, vendors, animal protection groups, and food for vegans, vegetarians and the ‘veg curious’!

And of course, Queen’s Animal Defence will have a table there, so come and say hi!

Kingston VegFest Is

  • A celebration of the fabulousness of vegan food. Come enjoy cooking demonstrations, a wide range of food vendors, product samples and other delights. Treat your palate to the best that food has to offer.
  • A celebration of physical and mental health and well-being. Come learn from our experts on nutrition and fitness, ask questions, educate and empower yourself. Find balance in a yoga class. Treat your mind and body to the best that health has to offer.
  • A celebration of connectedness. Come discover a vibrant and mushrooming community of people on plant-fueled journeys. Expand your awareness of the issues and how our choices impact the planet and our fellow animals, featuring prominent local and international guest speakers. Treat your heart to the best that connectedness has to offer.

See the website and the Facebook page for more info.

And Two Documentaries

Do not forget as well:

  • Friday October 21, doors open 6:30 pm (for 7:00), The Ghosts in Our Machine screening on Queen’s campus, Mac-Corry B201
  • Sunday October 23, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm, Unlocking the Cage at the Screening Room on Princess Street (fundraiser for Fauna Sanctuary)

Queen’s Animal Defence at “Queen’s in the Park” orientation day

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QAD members chatted with dozens of students at club orientation day held in City Park on September 7. In addition to learning about QAD’s campaigns on behalf of animals at Queen’s, students were delighted to learn about Kingston’s inaugural VegFest, with speakers, food booths and cooking demonstrations catering to vegans, vegetarians, and the ‘veg curious’ (sponsored by Kingston Vegetarian Network on October 22 at St. Lawrence College).

QAD also took this opportunity to unveil our latest poster (see below), beautifully designed by Amélie Tourangeau. This poster is part of QAD’s ongoing campaign to end the use of animal dissection and live animal experimentation in education — practices which are already banned in many jurisdictions. QAD supports science students who want to exercise their right to use alternatives to dissection and vivisection, and to earn their degree without harming animals and their habitats.

Many students who stopped by QAD’s table to chat expressed concern precisely about this issue, and wanted to know what Queen’s is doing to promote the use of alternatives. At this point, Queen’s leaves it up to individual students to express their concern and ask for alternatives. This is unacceptable. The use of alternatives should be the institutional standard, not an individual exception. Alternatives, such as synthetic animal models, simulators and interactive computer software have been demonstrated to be pedagogically superior to the use of live animals and animal cadavers for educational purposes. The failure to implement these alternatives demonstrates the hollowness of Queen’s’ commitment to reducing and replacing the use of animals in science. Continue Reading