A New Year Launches for Queen’s Animal Defence


Many thanks to all the students who stopped by QAD’s table at Queen’s in the Park to learn about how to speak up for the animals at Queen’s, and how to get involved in our campaign to promote the use of alternative pedagogies and technologies that can replace the use of animals in education and biomedical research. By working together we can make Queen’s a leader in humane education and research.

A special thank you to the 100+ students who signed our petition asking Queen’s to establish a retirement and rehoming program for animals used in research experiments. Way to be an ally for animals!

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QAD in the Queen’s Journal

Here is another recent interview with Zipporah Weisberg in the Queen’s Journal.

As Weisberg explains, “”We do consider animals in laboratories to be members of the Queen’s community,” Weisberg said. “The fact that there’s no transparency about what’s happening to these animals is a real problem.””

Make sure to check out the comment section of the Journal for reactions to the article.

Interview with Zipporah Weisberg in The Whig

Zipporah Weisberg explains some of the goals of Queen’s Animal Defence and some of the issues with existing regulatory bodies that oversee animal research in Canada.

As Weisberg explains, “The only regulation in the Animals for Research Act is that they not cause unnecessary suffering and that leaves the question as to what is necessarily suffering open to debate and there is no debate around it. Any suffering that’s inflicted in the name of so-called science is considered necessary and acceptable,” said Weisberg.”

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