CFP: Neither Man Nor Beast: Patriarchy, Speciesism: Deconstructing Oppressions



We are accepting abstract submissions for presentation topics on the following intersecting issues: veganism; women/womyn empowerment; queer
rights; hetero-normative privilege; feminism; trans and gender-queer rights; racism and perspectives from women of colour; white male supremacy;
patriarchy; ableism; sexism; sizeism; sexualities; gender and cis privilege; colonialism; indigenous rights; eco-feminism and environmentalism; anarcha-feminism; animal rights and radical self-care. Continue Reading

The Use of Monkeys at Harvard University

The Use of Monkeys at Harvard University

Harvard University was recently fined for animal welfare violations in the care of monkeys used for research. Countless monkeys are used for research at Queen’s, but we have no comparable oversight, and so a) we have no way of knowing how many monkeys are being used here; b) we don’t know what experiments are being conducted on monkeys; and c) monitoring of Queen’s research is conducted by the Canadian Council on Animal Care, a pro animal research body, using guidelines which have no legal force, and a completely secretive process in which violations by Queen’s of the voluntary animal welfare guidelines are never revealed.